Adalberto Espriú Photography

Hello English speaking friends! My name is Adalberto Espriú, and I am a photographer based in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. I focus on commercial photography, as well as portraits and fine art, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

hermosillo desde el cerro by adalberto espriú photography in hermosillo sonora
Hermosillo, view from Cerro de la Campana ©Adalberto Espriú | Photographer in Hermosillo

First a little bit about myself:

Photography came to me somewhat late in my life, I used to be a Project Manager in the manufacturing Industry, and did so for about ~15 years before deciding I wanted to make of photography more than a hobby.

This was a few years ago, and back then (~2013) I was only doing fine art, mostly landscapes, but I started including other genres as time went by, such as architecture and still life photography.

profile pic of adalberto espriú photographer in hermosillo sonora
Adalberto Espriú – Espriú Imagen Creativa | Photographer in Hermosillo, Sonora

Nowadays, I do portrait sessions in my studio, and commercial work, such as corporate and industrial photography, on location. Also, whenever I get a chance, I travel around to continue to add landscapes and interesting sights to my fine art collection.

My Photography

I consider myself more of a technical photographer, although I approach photography as more of an art form.

I studied photography for a year under the tutelage of mexican master photographer Memo Moreno, a commercial photographer with 65+ years experience and well known in Mexico for his landscapes.

You might have seen some of his images without realizing, as he is the author of the original Yaqui deer dancer photograph which was used as a symbol of the state of Sonora for several years, and was also licensed to the Loteria Nacional (our national lottery) to print on their lottery tickets. His images also decorate hospitals, restaurants and other government buildings.

Before studying with him, I had studied on my own for about two years and still continue to do so to this day: one of photography many treats is that you never stop learning!

Soon thereafter, I decided to set up a studio and go at it full time.

food photography by adalberto espriú - commercial photographer in hermosillo sonora
Food Photography – Adalberto Espriú | Commercial Photographer

Commercial photographer work

As a photographer in Hermosillo, some of my commercial work includes:

interiors photography - bedroom in san carlos sonora - by adalberto espriú interiors photographer
Interiors Photography – ©Adalberto Espriú | Commercial Photographer in Hermosillo

Portrait photographer work

Although I do portrait work on location, most of the time I work sessions from my studio. This is because a lot of my portrait work is for commercial purposes and I just love shooting on white seamless (can’t beat a classic).

Some of my non commercial portrait work includes: Newborn photography, Pre-natal (maternity), family portraits and portraits for public profiles (web, editorial & social networks).

portrait photography - family sessions - by adalberto espriú photography
Portrait Photography ©Adalberto Espriú | Portrait Photographer in Hermosillo

Fine art photographer work

A lot of my initial pieces are landscape shots such as this, which is how I got started with photography. But I also been doing a lot of architectural photography work for monuments and landmarks in the state of Sonora.

My Fine Art work is sold as wall art for decoration purposes.

fine art photography - downtown hermosillo on independence day celebration 2014 - adalberto espriú
Creative Landscape Photography – Independence Day in Hermosillo 2014 – ©Adalberto Espriú | Fine Art

My Studio: Espriú Imagen Creativa

My studio has a 9 ft seamless background. I have professional studio lamps with multiple modifiers, good for any occasion. I have a set up also for product photography, where I shoot complex lighting set ups.

Why pick me for your photographic needs?

  • 100% Bilingual
  • Studio with professional lighting & equipment
  • My portfolio
  • Fully calibrated workflow
  • Advanced Camera techniques
  • Hi-end retouching and editing
  • Special processing for print vs screen formats
  • Check some of my before & after case studies

Lastly, I am a passionate and highly dedicated photographer that won’t stop searching for your perfect photo.

Adalberto Espriú Commercial Photographer, Portraits & Fine Art in Hermosillo Sonora